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Construction Management

“Construction Project Management” is an area of expertise that has been effectively implemented in the construction sector in many developed countries of the world. Professional construction work program in the world; environmental conditions, legal obligations. cost, and resource, which is a complex workplace where the parameters are intertwined

This is the general philosophy of the project management and organization of the field of expertise and work in progress; Cost, Duration, Quality Management, Contract Practice and Job Security.

As Smart Eco Design, our company’s expert staff takes over management of the most important construction projects of our country; from the investment processes of the projects to the management and coordination of all design, procurement, construction activities. Smart Eco Design evaluates the knowledge of comprehensive procurement and procurement management in terms of customer’s ideals and the specific needs of projects in the implementation of top-quality and affordable procurement and optimum procurement strategies.

The main goal of our company is in all the projects we serve; Sustainable, quality and economical solutions that are suitable for its purpose, environmentally friendly, sustainable. ”

As Smart Eco Design, our company has carried out and continues the sustainable construction project management processes of the best projects in Turkey and in the international arena.

Project Management Application We can sort our services as follows:

    Construction Project Management Plan and Organization
    Establishment of Project Specific (BIM) Management Information Systems
    Budget Preparation and Cost Tracking
    Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Planning
    Development of Design Standards and Guidelines
    Monitoring of Design Management and Design Process
    Inspection and Approval of Design Products
    Review and Approval of License Plans
    Construction of material selections during design stage
    Review and Approval of Application Technical Specifications, Discovery and Metrics
    Review and Approval of Tender Documents
    Project Tender Management
    Procurement, Planning and Logistics Coordination
    BIM, ERP, Green Building Integration Services
    ERP System Consulting
    Determination of Institutional Needs
    System and Advisor Selection
    Process Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting
    BIM System Consulting
    Assessment of Maturity Level of Institution and Project
    Preparation of BIM Implementation Plan (BEP) and BIM Protocol
    Library and Code Structure Review and Approval
    Process Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting
    Green Building (LEED / BREEAM) Consultancy
    Green Building System and Consultant Selection
    Application Monitoring and Design Compliance Reporting
    Certificate Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
    Construction Control Services
    Sustainable Construction Management
    Creation of Quality Assurance Program
    Creating the Reporting System and Preparing the Monthly Progress Report
    Creating Master Business Program
    Application Control Process
    Contract Management Supervision
    Correspondence Management on behalf of Employer
    Control of Shop Drawings
    Materials and Manufacturing Aids
    Discovery and Quantity Controls
    Weekly-Monthly-Periodic Reports
    Coordination of Contractor Firms
    Elimination of Project Deficiencies and Problems
    As-Built Project Control
    Progress Payment-Control of Final Accounts
    Budget and Cost Control
    Cost Evaluation
    Time Based Cash Flow Planning and Control
    Safety Plan and Controls for Occupational Safety and Worker Health (OHSAS)
    Provisional Acceptance and Final Acceptance Stages
    Provisional Acceptance and Incomplete Jobs, Purchase of Dealing, Delivery
    Definite Acceptance and Missing Works
    Construction Stage and Environment Sensitive Building Inspection
    Post-Construction Test and Dealing Services
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