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The successful combination of high quality materials advanced processing technology and strict quality control systems ensure thar our modules are of the highest quality. At Phono Solar, we assemble the best quality components on each module. Each raw material component undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before mass production. Based on ISO9001 standards, every process is repeatedly tested to ensure that no defects have the opportunity to move onto the next process.

Phono Solar own a world leading PV testing centre, covering an area of 1,300 square meters. Up to 27 kinds of tests can be run uninterrupted, 24 hours a day and to standards higher than both IEC and UL. A 100% testing ratio for visual inspection, EL testing, pressure testing, mechanical load testing and age testing, ensure that Phono Solar modules operate safely and smoothly for at least 25 years, therefore guaranteeing a strong and stable return on investment for investors. The test centre has received SGS and Bureau Veritas approval and certifications from CNAS, CSA and Intertek.

Phono Wind has also established coastal wind turbine testing farms in China and Germany, complying with both IEC 61400-2 and AWEA 9.1 standards. This is only Intertek approved outdoor testing farm in China that can test wind turbines according to North American and European voltages at the same time. In addition to the testing farm, Phono Wind also has an Intertek approved generator laboratory. Long-term experience of both outdoor and indoor testing provides quality assurance for Phono Wind systems.