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Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis

Making decisions about topics like production, investment, energy, performance evaluation or economics is hard not only for individuals, but for foundations also. Modern techniques must be used while making complicated and vital decisions and evaluating them, after gaining information.

Those techniques are based on user friendly programs, which allows deep analyses and calculations to be made. All performance analyses about the quality of the interior of the building such as Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analyses, Energy Analyses, Illumination and Acoustic, are also made by reliable and well known programs.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis is used to evaluate possible design options – property cost – making the decision about the optimum design after evaluating  fiscal design alternatives  – and LCC can be applied to a whole building or just a part of it. The critical function of LCC is that it determines the life span of the building or its components. Professional members of Smart Eco Design help you to evaluate the situation and make the right choices by providing you the cost and efficiency analyses you need.

Life Cycle Cost Analyses give you an important raise in your points which are crucial for you to reach your goal of having the green building certificates of LEED, BREEAM and DGNB. Our experts, who are also Eco-Architects and Eco-Engineers, are constructional engineers, architects, economists and environmental engineers who made their post graduate and PHDs about structural technologies, environmental technologies, energy management and environmental economics in prestigious colleges of both Turkey and the world. With the help of their education and the experience they gained during very important projects all over Turkey and Europe, our experts are equipped with a wide repertoire of high level knowledge and are capable of giving you the service of the highest quality about Life Cycle Cost Analyses.